Name of the Magazine: Kotha-Kachan (কথা-কাঞ্চন) 

Subject/ Objectives : A monthly published online journal “Kotha- Kanchan” encompasses various genres like poems, short stories, novels, articles, humorous writings, book and movie reviews, current affairs, etc from upcoming and young authors of Assamese language. The magazine intends to work for upliftment of Assamese language, literature and culture so that the ideas of people originated from the soil of Assam and working various places outside Assam can contribute for the betterment of their mother tongue; As Alphonse Daudet rightly said in his short story ‘The Last Lesson’ that, so far we hold fast to our mother tongue, it is the key to one’s prison. The magazine was first published on 1st October 2020 and from then on, it has been publishing on every 1st date of all months.

Language: Assamese

Frequency: Monthly

Starting year of publication: Month: October Year: 2020

Format: Online